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A more prepared regional workforce leads to a stronger regional economy. With this in mind, UW-Milwaukee's Center for Workforce Development has developed this online resource to aid in strengthening Southeast Wisconsin's workforce. Workforce Enterprise contains valuable information and resources to enable employers and individuals within the region in obtaining continuing education or acquiring new skills needed to develop a more prepared workforce.

This website is a guide through the decision-making process of finding the education and training employees need to be more productive.

To optimise the usefulness of this site and all of its resources, it is suggested that you view it in the following order:

1Training rationale/reasons for training
This page starts you thinking about the reasons for education and training, how it can be beneficial, and view testimonials from employers regarding its value.

2Assess your training needs & effectiveness
You are aware of the benefits of workforce development. But before seeking services from a provider, examine the specifics of your organization's training and educational needs. This page begins to guide you through that assessment process.

3Characteristics to consider when choosing training
Once you have determined your organization's workforce development needs, you are nearly ready to seek and find what you need. Before proceeding, there may still be some uncertainty as to how to determine the best option to meet your organization's workforce development needs. This site provides you with characteristics to keep in mind while making your decision.

4 Ideas for best practices in workforce development
In addition to characteristics to consider, you may want to consider the various practices that are out there in the field of workforce development. This page gives you a glimpse at some of those best practices.

5Workforce development news
Find out what is going on in the world of workforce development. This site provides you with the latest news and reports concerning workforce training and education.

6 Employer forum on training
Before searching, visit the online forum to view comments from peers regarding what they have found to be effective. This page contains comments posted by actual employers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin regarding their experiences with workforce training. The intention is to create a peer network and assumes that you will add to the resource by posting comments of your own.

7Directory of education/training providers
Access an online directory of training and education providers offering knowledge and skills to Southeastern Wisconsin's workforce. Search from a pool of service providers based on the content of course, name of provider, and/or the outcome of the training/education (whether it be a certificate, certification, diploma, continuing education unit, or to achieve credits to an accredited university/college).

8 Funding sources & resources for education & training
Funding for these services can be a large investment, one that your organization may not be able to bear. You're not alone; a recent survey conducted by UW-Milwaukee, School of Continuing Education's Center for Workforce Development concluded that nearly 55% of employers in Southeastern Wisconsin do not plan on or are only marginally investing in workforce development in 2004 due to budget constraints. View funding resources available to employers and individuals to enable training and education. In addition to funding sources, this portion of the site provides you with various resources available to assist you with your workforce development needs.

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