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Assessments | Assessment of Workforce Training Needs | Determining the Existing Status of Your Workforce

Determining the Existing Status of Your Workforce
There are various methods of collecting information and data to determine the status of your workforce. These include:
  • Conducting surveys - survey both the consumers and employees to learn about problems and solutions each may identify
  • Interviewing of employees- collect their insight
  • Supervisors? assessment of department or individual performance (Observe skills, knowledge and attitudes)
  • Hold focus groups- through discussion; learn of problems, shortcomings, and desires
  • Measure productivity, methods include:
    • Customer dissatisfaction/complaints
    • Low morale or productivity
    • Excessive turnover, absenteeism, overtime, or negative information collected at interviews
    • Employee grievances, discrimination charges, and unfair employment practices
    • Excessive labor costs
    • Low business volume compared to the market
    • Compromise of internal control systems
    • Inspections
    • Use of technologies/software

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