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Assessments | Measuring the Success of Training

Measuring the Success of Training

Once you have provided training, you may feel the need to evaluate its effectiveness or evaluate your Return on Investment (ROI).

Training is a big investment, so you want to ensure effectiveness (2004 ASTD State of Industry Report surveyed companies to find that 1-3% of total payroll is spent on training)

  • To determine what training is relevant to your employees? jobs
  • To determine what training will improve performance
  • To determine if training will make a difference
  • To distinguish training needs from organizational problems
  • To link improved job performance with the organization?s goals and bottom line
  • To focus training dollars to accomplish the mission of the organization
The following are commonly used and associated with the evaluation of training:

Evaluating Training
Models for Evaluating Training
Calculating ROI (Return On Investment)

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