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Assessments | Assessment of Workforce Training Needs

Assessment of Workforce Training Needs

An assessment of workforce training needs should be a systematic exploration and comparison of the way work is done and the way work could be done. The level of work being done is associated with organizational and/or individual performance. This assessment is important in maintaining the organization?s success and should be done regularly (annually or even semi-annually).

Why Assess?
  • Determine gap(s) in employees' skills
  • Maximize organization's performance and output
  • Diversify employees' skills

The assessment process asks:

  • What would your organization be like if it were producing the highest quality product and providing the best possible service to the client/consumer?
  • What challenges exist and what skills, if strengthened, would enable you to meet those challenges more successfully?

For a step-by-step guide to performing an assessment, click here.


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