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Credit Courses and Diplomas

Courses may be taken for credit, most often received from an accredited college, university or technical school. Here are some examples of for-credit programs:

Certificates Programs
For credit or non-credit certificates are designed to provide streamlined education to enhance job skills. A certificate is an award for the successful completion of a specified number of units in an educational/training program. It may or may not be on behalf of an authorized institution, but may be a good means of tracking workers' education and training.

Short-term (less than one year) diploma
These programs focus on one particular occupation and can take less than a year to complete.

One-year and two-year technical diploma
These programs focus on hands-on learning of occupational skills and can take as little as one or two years to complete, depending on the particular program.

Associates Degree
This is a 2-year program that combines technical skills with general education, such as math, communications, and social sciences. Credits are more readily transferable in these programs than in the diploma programs.

Advanced Technical Certificate
These are used in response to employers' need for highly skilled employees. Offered as a small block of credits (9-12), with at least six credits having advanced content beyond the associate degree.

Undergraduate/Bachelor Degree
Sometimes called 4-year degrees, these are offered by 4-year colleges and universities and consist of major, general education and elective courses.

Graduate/Master Degree
This is the second level of degrees offered by universities. They require from one to two years of study and provide a more concentrated level of study in a particular field. You need to hold a bachelor's degree before entering this level.

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