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Education and training can be a costly investment. To reduce costs and ensure maximum results from your investment, familiarize yourself with the current methods and best practices. Here are some examples to consider as you search for education and training.

  Employer Shared Training Networks (Wausau Chamber of Commerce, WI)
The Employer Shared Training Network (ESTN) is a collaboration of employers that share training resources as a means of reducing costs and time expended on workforce development.

Customized Training
Training providers may also have the expertise to adapt and customize their education and training services to fit your needs.

E-learning is the presentation of training materials and content via the Internet or intranet. This type of learning involves instruction delivered through web-browser technology right to an employee’s desktop computer. This medium may provide some interactive material.

Blended Learning
This method combines instructor-led training with E-learning. This allows you to combine the best aspects of each method to derive at the best education/training possible.

Instructor-led Classroom Training
Training delivered face-to-face by an instructor in a classroom-like setting.


Additional Articles/Studies:

Research: What do you spend on training? What should you be spending?

-Training + Development, Published by ASTD, March 2005
Have no idea what your organization should be spending on training? There are a number of places to look for external benchmarks regarding learning expenditures, based on what kind of organization you have—or what kind of organization you want to become.

ASTD BEST AWARD PROFILE/KLA-TENCOR: Yielding the Best Teachers, Leaders
-Training + Development, Published by ASTD, March 2005
KLA-Tencor, a 2004 ASTD BEST Award winner, provides the ultimate executive education— its own.

Follow these four steps to increase effectiveness of employee training -Jeff Kortes, Vice President for the human resources practice with BenHR in Milwaukee

Worlds largest human capital study reveals key trends
- PricewaterhouseCoopers
World’s largest human capital study reveals key trends across economic recovery, remuneration and investment in leadership
Executive Summary
Full Report

Steps to Becoming a “High Performance” Learning Organization
Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA)
a simple four-step process to assist business and industry in building “high
performance learning workplaces”

  1. Understand your business goals
  2. Develop plans to support goals
  3. “Team-up” with community and state resources
  4. Utilize your workforce information portal (Workforce Enterprise) and resource centers
Helen Bader Foundation University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Milwaukee Jobs