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Best Practices | Instructor-Led Classroom Training

Instructor-Led Classroom Training

Instructor-led classroom training is what most people invision when they think of how training or education is delivered. As the name suggests, this mode of learning is includes face-to-face instruction, typically in a classroom like setting.

Like all modes of learning it has it's pros and cons:


  • High quality delivery
  • Immediate Q & A
  • Leverage student questions


  • Costly student/trainer expense
  • Costly one-to-few training
  • Training often too soon/too late
  • Trainer must be knowledgeable of multiple applications

Best For:

  • Multiple students of similar skill level
  • Training in single location
  • Observable performance
  • Interpersonal skills/feedback
  • Highly interactive knowledge sharing

Worst For:

  • Students of widely-varing skill levels
  • Training for large system/process rollout
  • Consistency across learner groups


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