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"Education, training and diversity are all key in advancing the growth and career of any employee at SC Johnson. From continuous education to cultural awareness, employees are given the tools and opportunities necessary to stay on top of a changing Information Services environment."

"At SC Johnson, we are committed to developing our people as aggressively as we develop our products. We know there is a direct correlation between the success of our employees and our business success. With world-class training and challenging assignments, employees continuously grow their abilities, so their "best" gets better all the time."

-S.C. Johnson and Son Inc.

"Since the safety program began, workers compensation claims have dropped 50 percent at Rockwell Automation. The Milwaukee facility cut employee lost workday rates from 79.35 days in August 1997 to only 20.11 days in August 1999."

-Jackie M. Daley, Managing Editor, Rockwell Automation

"Employees are Caterpillar's most important investment. The company spends an average of $8,000 per employee on annual training in our headquarters (state of Illinois) and, through the Caterpillar Training Institute, provides nearly 250,000 total training hours. No other asset is more important to the well being and growth of the company."


"? talent development is critical to John Deere's success. It helps the enterprise make connections within and across business units, which drives efficiencies and better business results. It creates a focus on where we?re going as an enterprise and a process to ensure that employees are aligned with the same objectives."

-John Deere & Company

"We cannot have a world-class organization without providing for the development of leadership breadth and technical depth. We need both to be successful. Companies that offer comprehensive learning and development opportunities have a significant competitive advantage in the war for talent,"

-Patty Flaherty, Ford Motor Company?s Global Learning Organization

"Technical education for our engineers is essential if the company is to achieve its objective of becoming the leading automaker as we move into the next century,"

-Neil Ressler, Ford Motor Company?s Vice-President - Research & Vehicle Technology.

"Proper employee training can mean the difference between achieving your system productivity and economic targets and failing to meet those goals."

-The Dow Chemical Company

"The future leaders of the company will come out of the training program. The future of the company rests with the future leaders. The obvious conclusion is that the future of the company rests in the hands of the trainees that step up to the plate to become the leaders."

-Gary Cartwright, Sussex Administrative Plant Manager

"Training and development are vital in getting new Financial Representatives on the "fast track" in business."

-Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Company

"Education comes from the Latin word 'educare,' which means to 'lead out.' Through education, we?re leading each other out to the leading edge of technology. All our employees have to be student/teachers."

-Harry V. Quadracci, Founder of Quad/Graphics

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