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Training Traits | Location


When considering various education and training options, location may play a key role in your decision. In general, education and training locations are either provided off-site (or at a location away from your facility or workplace) or on-site (at your facility or workplace). Each has its advantages:

  • Removes employee from distractions associated with the workplace
  • Gives employee access to learning technologies perhaps not yet found in their workplace
  • Offsite locations often have much better facilities for classes; one does not have to rely on a portion of the cafeteria being available
  • Convenience that allows companies to focus on their employees and their development, rather than on all the smaller details that comes up during the planning and implementation of employee training
  • You can train your entire staff all at once, at your facility
  • You will be working on your equipment
  • Ensures knowledge and skill transfer from classroom to workplace
  • Training customized to the needs of your organization and staff
  • Saves your employee?s time away from the office, plus saves on expenses associated with travel
  • Ease of access: workers merely come to work as usual and then report for a class

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